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Your company’s reputation is on the line when you have to deliver impactful messages to your customers, employees or vendors.

Cypress Business Communications works with you to construct the right message for the intended audience, while maintaining the trust and integrity your customers have come to expect.

What is the first thing a busy executive does when reading a business proposal, management or other report? They flip to the end to find out the conclusion, call to action or findings. Cypress Business Communications helps capture the audience’s attention and deliver key messages instantly.

Do your RFP or business proposal responses truly speak to the decision-makers in a competitive bid situation?  Cypress picks up where your subject matter experts end, tying RFP responses into a fluid, integrated voice that sells your services or products, winning new business. By magnifying the impact of your response with enhancing elements, including illustrations, samples, and testimonies – your proposal will convey to decision makers why you can solve their problems!

If your industry is subject to meeting industry standards and privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, EU GDPR, you know that you must demonstrate documented policies, procedures and processes and supporting evidence that they are followed as written – we help you become compliant by working with your staff to write or update your company’s policies, procedures and supporting evidence of compliance.

  • Amplify the impact of your communications in a way that does more than just tell…it will show, with meaningful illustrations, tables, graphs that tell a story.

  • Write or update existing business processes, policies, procedures, physical and logical access procedures that pass compliance audit reviews.

  • Build a case study or white paper for your website featuring an innovative solution to solve an especially challenging situation.

If a difficult situation is diverting focus from the core business, Cypress Business Communications can help construct difficult messages and a delivery strategy to customers, employees, vendors and other constituents with empathy, integrity and authenticity.

Our freelance writing services are limited to business proposals and proposal responses, compliance documentation, policies, procedures, internal communications, fresh content for web, white papers, case studies, social media or corporate newsletter.

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"Leigh and her team of talented writers have assisted me over the years with projects needing a professional writer's touch. CBC’s ability to take words on a piece of paper and turn them into a masterpiece has won our business a reputation for providing exceptional products."
Lee Adams, Practical HIPAA Solutions