Business Mailers: Are You Aware of this Astounding Service from the United States Postal Service?

When you start to design a mailing campaign to connect with customers, how do you ensure it meets USPS requirements? Are you even aware there are some things that should not be mailed? Do you evaluate various mail piece styles to determine which styles can be sent at the best postage rate, or the best packaging for your specific promotion? Are you aware of USPS mail campaigns with incentives for reducing postage expense?

Here is some astounding news that helps answer those questions. At least I was astounded when I discovered how many marketing professionals and mailers don’t know about this. The USPS sponsorsshutterstock_23724139 the Postal Customer Council, a national group with local chapters that provide training, breaking news in the world of mailing, education on new USPS services, innovations and postage campaigns. In Jacksonville the local chapter of PCC is the Northeast Florida PCC.

Northeast Florida PCC holds a networking and breakfast meeting on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. at The University Club, 1301 Riverplace Blvd. in Jacksonville. At a recent meeting, members learned of the holiday mailing schedule to ensure on-time delivery, and we learned about products such as personalized stamps, to help with gift-giving decisions.

National PCC Day in September is a member benefit that brings PCC chapter members together via closed circuit video to listen to the Post Master General discuss the business plans of the Postal Service for the upcoming year. The topic of this institution’s survival is always included on the agenda. Diversification of services to meet the changing demands of postal customers is especially of interest to marketers and mailers so we can leverage opportunities for postage discounts when budgeting for mailing campaigns. Innovation to adapt to the growing demands of mobile consumers is a top priority for the USPS, and they have responded with surprising originality. National PCC Day is where innovation involving technology and the mail is launched.

PCC general membership is free, with a charge for the breakfast meeting. Various levels of sponsorship are available, providing opportunities to promote your company’s products and/or services on the chapter website and at special events during the year. Members can also volunteer as speakers on topics of general interest to business professionals, providing you with the opportunity to promote your expertise. View the program schedule for 2016 when it’s published, which will be soon.

It’s not too early to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Wouldn’t a professional development goal of learning how to save money on postage, acquiring business mail training and becoming informed on the mailing industry look good on your 2016 plans?

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