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My Choice to Pledge Allegiance

As I watched hours of the Olympics these past few weeks and observed our athletes place their hands over their hearts when our National Anthem played, I noticed the gesture seemed to be unique among U.S. athletes. Which got me wondering…do citizens from other countries recite a pledge of allegiance?   The surprising answer – […]

Are You Your Own Boss?

Have you recently become your own boss? If Yes – what have you learned from the experience? A year ago I was consuming any information I could find on becoming my own boss, but focusing strictly on what kind of legal entity I would be and how I would pay for health insurance. Since then […]

Beyond Limits

Don’t think that because you don’t run marathons (or maybe you do), that this story isn’t about you. You were my inspiration, so please read on.

Become a Mail Piece Design Professional

USPS MAIL PIECE DESIGN CERTIFICATION PROGRAM On April 27-28, 2016, the Northeast FL PCC will host the only mail piece design certification program approved by the U.S. Postal Service. The Mailpiece Design Professional Course is ideal for those who wish to maximize their proficiency in designing letter-size and flat-size mail to meet USPS standards and […]

Business Mailers: Are You Aware of this Astounding Service from the United States Postal Service?

When you start to design a mailing campaign to connect with customers, how do you ensure it meets USPS requirements? Are you even aware there are some things that should not be mailed? Do you evaluate various mail piece styles to determine which styles can be sent at the best postage rate, or the best […]

Strategies for Business-Winning Proposals

Just published on SlideShare – my Five Be’s for Better Business Proposals. Give your proposals an edge with these tips. Strategies for Business-Winning Proposals

Don’t Let Company Knowledge Walk Out the Door

Did your company start small, grow organically, and relies on the collective knowledge of charter employees, to get the job done? Have you captured the collective knowledge of your company policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and processes and made it available to your staff? Many companies who evolved this way will answer with a resounding […]

That Pesky Apostrophe – Lesson 3: A Refresher and A Review

We are wrapping up the Pesky Apostrophe series with Lesson 3 – a refresher on plural nouns and use of an apostrophe. Plural nouns don’t have a lot to do with pesky apostrophes, but they confuse even the nerdiest of grammarphiles, so they are the topic of Lesson 3. A table summarizing all 3 lessons […]

That Pesky Apostrophe – Lesson 2: Case of the Missing Letter

In Lesson 1 you learned a couple of simple scenarios about the possessive apostrophe (Mark’s fishing pole; Agnes’s or Agnes’ kayak if you need a memory jog). Lesson 2 examines another apostrophe personality, the lazy substitute. Too tired to just spell it out? Throw in an apostrophe and be done with it. English grammar calls […]

That Pesky Apostrophe – Lesson 1: Possession is 9/10’s of the Law

Next to the semicolon, the apostrophe is one of the most misunderstood punctuation marks in the English language, says me. Confusion arises, in part, because it’s such a multi-tasking little guy. Lesson 1 gives you some simple rules to apply most of the time when the apostrophe is showing possession. In the opening paragraph it’s […]