Don’t Let Company Knowledge Walk Out the Door

Did your company start small, grow organically, and relies on the collective knowledge of charter employees, to get the job done? Have you captured the collective knowledge of your company policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and processes and made it available to your staff?

Many shutterstock_167800991-WhyPolProccompanies who evolved this way will answer with a resounding “No” when asked for a copy of policies and procedures. The justification to invest the time to document is easy to come by; here are a few of the arguments:

  • Facilitate knowledge transfer among your company subject matter experts
  • Comply with industry regulations and/or audit requirements
  • Standardize processes and ensure continuity among employees; may uncover better ways to do things
  • Introduce new capabilities within the company; useful as a training tool for new employees
  • Establish your company’s professionalism, highlight best practices and gain a competitive advantage
  • Establish the company’s business practices and corporate culture; serves as an indicator of how well your company is run
  • Customers or potential customers will ask to see them. Certain business proposals will require evidence they exist and are followed.

Selling the Idea
Sure, you are sold on the idea, but how to do you sell your manager on investing the time and resources to such a project? Who in the company has the bandwidth to assume such an undertaking?
Often an event such as loss of a key employee or valuable business is the impetus to create company policies and procedures where none previously existed. Don’t wait for a crisis to take action.
Break the work down into manageable components over a reasonable timeframe. Set key milestones and goal dates. Identify and assign the best technical writer in the company to compile the knowledge of policies, procedures and processes from the subject matter experts. Create a review and approval process. Finally, where applicable, conduct training on any new policies and/or procedures that are identified during the project.

Why does CBC offer these services?
Despite a company’s best intentions, documenting policies, procedures and SOPs is time-consuming, requires a broad range of business knowledge, and the skill to write to a specific audience; often the initiative doesn’t take priority until a situation arises that motivates action. Before facing an audit, a proposal deadline or confused employees, let CBC work with your company management and subject matter experts to establish or update your company or department’s documentation. Establish your company as well-run, organized and up-to-date on the daily operations that ensures satisfied customers.

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"Leigh and her team of talented writers has assisted me over the years with projects needing a professional writers touch. CBC’s ability to take words on a piece of paper and turn them into a masterpiece has won our business a reputation for providing exceptional products."
Lee Adams, Practical HIPAA Solutions